our approach

The FEST Foundation is committed to finding solutions to problems South Africa’s education system faces; by working with pubic and private partners where we foster an environment of collaboration, we come together to create sustainable solutions that create a positive impact for students and teachers alike.

How do we do it?

  • The FEST Volunteer program
    FEST utilizes volunteers to identify potential project schools who then organize teams to do volunteer work such as painting classrooms, fixing furniture, cleaning up surroundings as well as organizing classrooms and media centers.
    For more information on how to get involved, email: info@thefestfoundation.com
  • Corporate and Public partnerships
    The FEST Foundation collaborates with corporate and public entities to provide funding and materials for hard labour full-scale renovation projects such as building classrooms, bathrooms and special facilities for schools who require them.
  • Coming Soon
    The FEST Foundation THINKTANK
    By allowing education experts a space to discuss problems and solutions, FEST aims to use our upcoming think tank to bring new, fresh ideas to our mission, allowing us to bring the future of education, to South Africa, today.